Stocks: Tax Planning

What is investment tax planning for stocks? Investment tax planning for stocks takes advantage of the tax rules with the goal of achieving the best after-tax return on these investments.…..

The Best Items to Help You Organize Your Finances and Important Documents

The first step to improving your finances is to get organized. These top Amazon finds can help you create a monthly budget, plan your spending, and safely store your important…..

Suggestions for Staying Safe Online from the IRS

Common sense tips to help children, teens and other vulnerable groups   The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is helping families, teens and senior citizens learn about the continued importance of…..

Stocks: Tack Planning

What is investment tax planning for stocks? Investment tax planning for stocks takes advantage of the tax rules with the goal of achieving the best after-tax return on these investments.…..

The Best Items to Help You Organize Your Finances and Important Documents

The first step to improving your finances is to get organized. These top Amazon finds can help you create a monthly budget, plan your spending, and safely store your important…..

Your Credit Report and Identity Theft Detection

Tips for being proactive in safeguarding your identity and your credit score   Identity theft is a serious crime, with increasingly greater numbers of consumers being affected every year. As…..

Retirement Planning—Options for Women Business Owners

You’re an entrepreneur and you’re not looking back. You’ve opened your own business, whether alone or with other partners, and you’ve found some success. You’ve hired employees, or not, depending…..

Balancing Work and Family

Balancing work and family is a highly personal endeavor, and there is no magic formula. It takes planning and resolve, and you'll need to make choices along the way that…..

Year-End Donations and #GivingTuesday

A list of things to consider as you think about year-end charitable donations   With its family traditions and festive celebrations, the holiday season is the most wonderful time of…..

5 Do’s and Don’ts for Charitable Giving During the Holidays

The fourth quarter holidays are often seen as one of the prime times to take out your checkbook — not only do many charities put in extra efforts helping others…..

Top Year-End Investment Tips

Just what you need, right? One more time-consuming task to be taken care of between now and the end of the year. But taking a little time out from the…..

The Only Holiday Budget You Need

We all want to gift our loved ones something special for the holidays. But even if your heart says give, your wallet could be saying otherwise. It’s a challenge to…..

Business Life Cycles and Business Planning

What are business life cycles, and what is their relationship to business planning? Generally, businesses pass through three stages before reaching the final stage of decline. The time it takes…..

Get SMART with Your New Year’s Resolutions

Many of us set resolutions every New Year’s Day. But if your resolution is too broad or doesn’t have a deadline, it is much easier to abandon or forget it.…..

Five Healthy Habits for Financial Wellness  

Financial stress can have a direct negative impact on a person's health and happiness. Unfortunately, this may lead to a downward spiral. The more stress you're feeling, the larger your financial…..

Your Credit Report and Identity Theft Detection

Tips for being proactive in safeguarding your identity and your credit score   Identity theft is a serious crime, with increasingly greater numbers of consumers being affected every year. As…..

A 2022 Year-End Planning Checklist for Everyone

It may be easy to forget we're nearing the end of the year. Even during the busy end of year rush, it's a good time to reevaluate your 2022 finances…..

Financial Planning Tips for High-Earning Women

When it comes to saving for retirement, women may have extra challenges, even those with a higher-than-average income. For retirement planning, CNBC reports that women save less than men. The…..

6 Important Components of Estate Planning

Basic estate planning is something that everyone should do, regardless of your age, marital status, the value of your assets, and if you’re a parent or not.  According to a…..

Short-Term Goals vs. Retirement Savings

Too many focus on immediate needs versus saving for retirement American workers find it difficult to save for retirement because their distant financial needs tend to take a backseat to…..

5 Key Steps To Help Women Strengthen Their Business and Their Retirement

As a female entrepreneur, you may face different challenges than your male counterparts. For example, women were disproportionately affected by the COVID pandemic. 1 They also tend to earn less…..

Treating Yourself Can Be Beneficial to Pursuing Your Financial Goals

Have you ever made a purchase that has thrown your monthly budget off-kilter? Or maybe you’ve put financial restrictions on yourself that push you away from spending on things that…..

Financial Planning for Female Entrepreneurs

Women own nearly 20% of the businesses that employ people in the United States, and countless more women run their businesses without employees. There are over one million women-owned firms.…..

Why Women Need Life Insurance

  Today, women have more financial responsibilities than ever before. How will your family or loved ones manage financially if you die? Whether you are single, married, employed, or a…..

Why Fixed Annuities?

What is a fixed annuity? Fixed annuities are long-term savings vehicles used mostly for retirement or as a safe holding place for accumulated money. Interest rates are credited by the…..

A Retirement Income Roadmap for Women

More women are working and taking charge of their own retirement planning than ever before. What does retirement mean to you? Do you dream of traveling? Pursuing a hobby? Volunteering…..

Community Foundation

What is it? In general A community foundation is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit charitable organization that fulfills the requirements of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Generally, a community foundation…..

Money Saving Tips Everyone Should Know

We’ve all heard this advice before: if you want to save money, you need to cut back on spending. However, it’s not always so easy. Identifying senseless spending in the…..

Planning Lessons for Educators – Addressing Your Financial Issues

Being an educator requires expertise and that you stay current on developments in your field. However, that level of ongoing attention can make it difficult to find the time to…..

Fundamental Concepts for New Investors

Investing involves setting goals for the future and weighing the risks and potential rewards associated with a wide variety of investment opportunities. If you are a new investor, this might…..

A Financial Planning Guide for Families with Disabilities

About 61 million adults in the U.S. live with a disability. Many of these disabilities are serious enough to impact a person’s daily life.1 There may be financial benefits available…..

LPL Financial Research Midyear Outlook 2022: Navigating Turbulence

LPL Financial Research Midyear Outlook 2022: Navigating Turbulence Markets rarely give us clear skies, and there are always threats to watch for on the horizon, but the right preparation, context,…..

Electric Car Supplies Are Running Out

Electric car supplies are running out – and could drastically slow down the journey to net-zero The road map to replacing old fashioned carbon emitting cars with electric vehicles is…..

Financial Planning Challenges and Strategies for the Sandwich Generation

Almost half of all adults are part of the "sandwich generation." These are adults in their 40s and 50s who are helping support or care for a parent while also…..

Tips for Women to Help Build Financial Independence

Every woman needs to balance her financial past with her financial future   Traditionally, women have been the caretakers of both the older and younger generations of their families. But…..

5 Life Events That Impact Your Life Insurance Needs

A life insurance policy is part of financial planning. Life insurance is there to help ease the financial trauma that comes with the loss of a spouse, parent, or partner.…..

Broadening Your Annuity Horizons with Details

Five key questions to ask yourself about fixed and variable annuities While fixed annuities are generally considered to be conservative instruments, variable annuities are investments with the growth potential necessary…..

Women and Asset Protection – How Insurance Can Help

Women are successful professionals, business owners, and knowledgeable investors. At some point in their lives, women may have to manage their own finances due to divorce, widowhood, or remaining single.…..

What Homeowners Should Know About Estate Planning

If you have always thought estate planning was just for those nearing retirement or already retired, think again. If you own a home, it is important to have a plan…..

529 College Savings Plans: A Cheat Sheet for Common Questions

Whether your child was just born or is heading toward high school graduation, a 529 savings plan may help you put aside funds to pay for college expenses without paying…..

How Do You Know if Your Assets are Diversified?

Using statistical correlations can help refine your investments and manage risk The turmoil in the markets in the first few months of 2022 has demonstrated the benefits of diversifying your…..

What Is the Right Setting for Your Retirement Story?

There was a time that retirement meant, for many people, sitting in the sun in a southern retirement community along with a host of fellow retirees. However, today retirement means…..

Business Forum: Keeping Your Business High and Dry

Most businesses thrive on the ingenuity and dynamism of a few key people. In order to retain their best employees, business owners often devise attractive benefit packages that make it…..

The True Cost of Being a Teacher

According to a study by the National School Supply and Equipment Association, 99.5% of teachers spend their own money on school supplies.[1] Being a teacher is a fulfilling job but…..

Invest in Your Financial Education During Financial Literacy Month

April brings more than possible rain showers. It also marks Financial Literacy Month in the U.S. Whether you’re interested in a quick refresher or seeking to learn something new, it…..

7 Retirement Considerations: Thoughts from a financial professional

When helping people get ready for retirement, financial professionals find the same issues come up over and over. Thinking ahead can spell the difference between a retirement with enough money…..

If Social Security Falls Short, Have a Plan

Are you worried about the current state of the Social Security system and how its future may affect your retirement income? It’s important to take a long, hard look at…..

Bridging the Gap: How Close are We to Achieving Pay Equality?

Although women make up nearly half the labor force, on average, women still tend to earn less than their male counterparts even in like positions and with like skills. In…..

Market Volatility Can Stir Your Loss Aversion

At the foundation of your financial well-being lies your behavior   Here is a statement that is bound to cause you to raise your eyebrows: Your long-term financial success may…..

How Does an Interest Rate Hike Impact Investors?

The Federal Reserve plans to unwind its bond borrowing since inflation has hit the highest level since 1980. While interest rates will stay near zero, for now, the Fed will…..

Keep Control: It’s to Your Credit

Are you one of the many American consumers currently asking yourself, “How can I better control my use of credit?” Consumer debt in the United States totals in the billions.…..

Buyer Beware: 4 Educational Tips for National Consumer Protection Week

This year's National Consumer Protection Week is March 6th through March 12th. It's a time to educate people about their rights as consumers and how to make informed decisions about…..

America’s Changing Vision of Retirement

Retirement planning is a primary reason for long-term saving, and when people think about retirement, finances are often the focus. However, it is important to also look at the nonfinancial…..

How to Structure an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is like a life preserver, it can keep you afloat when the unexpected happens and prevent you from moving backward financially. No one likes to think about…..

Support These Black-Owned Home-Based Businesses

February is Black History Month, which is a time to celebrate achievements by those of Black or African American heritage and recognize their central role in United States history. While…..

Empower Your Loved One: Encourage Independence

Regardless of age, we all value our independence. We like to come and go as we please, running errands, going grocery shopping, and driving to appointments. But what happens when…..

What Can the Best/Worst Stocks of 2021 Tell Us?

Looking for longer-term market trends that might shape the next few years Let’s be honest for a second: the DJIA, the S&P 500, NASDAQ, and the Russell 2000 all delivered…..

Beware Scams at Tax Time

Identity theft runs rampant during tax season Here’s what to know and how to protect yourself. Identity thieves often swipe your bank or credit card account numbers, birth date information…..

Focusing On Your Finances

While most people find the notion of creating a budget about as appealing as cleaning out closets, most would agree that the result—a well-crafted and useful budget—is worth the work…..

Tax Prep Checklist: Everything You Need to Be Ready for Tax Season

Regardless of whether you prepare your taxes yourself or use a professional's services, it's a good idea to gather the information and documentation you need well in advance of your…..

Five New Year’s Resolutions for Those Nearing Retirement

Getting ready for retirement is both exciting and daunting. While you are likely looking forward to the enjoyment and relaxation that retirement may bring, you are also cautious about ensuring…..

Entrepreneurship and Financial Risk: What You Need to Know

Entrepreneurs tend to be natural risk-takers but this doesn't mean committing to uncompensated risk. A wise entrepreneur considers their potential exposure before leaping into a new business venture, moving forward…..

Should You Change Your Investing Strategy?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but tactical shifting might make sense Wise investors alter their approaches as market cycles shift, from bull to bear to something in between. A consistent…..

Helpful Tax Tips before Year End

Tax planning can be more advantageous when done during the year and well in advance of year’s end. Opportunities may exist for you to minimize tax liability, which could leave…..

A Season of Giving: 5 Different Ways To Give During the Holidays

With the holidays here, now is the time to get into the giving spirit and help to change others' lives for the better. Whether you are looking to make a…..

2021 Year-End Planning for Retirees

For some, 2021 has flown by—and as we approach the last quarter of the year, it's a good time to begin planning for the next one. Year-end planning is especially…..

To My Loved Ones When I’m Gone

Talking about the end of life or possible tragic events is not something people naturally want to do, but it is important. To have your wishes honored and to create…..

Cultivating a “Small Business Edge”

Entrepreneurs may entertain thoughts of achieving success, inspired by those companies that seem to spring forth fully grown overnight. But, it is important for business owners to ask at the…..

Can You Spot the Scam? Common Financial Fraud Warning Signs

Many people are familiar with the scammers who promise to pay millions of dollars in exchange for briefly holding funds in your bank account or those who offer to enhance…..

When Is It Time for Long-Term Care?

Is it memory loss due to the aging process or the early onset of dementia? Initially, cognitive changes can be subtle and challenging to diagnose. As a result, it can…..

Protecting Your Financial Information Online

More consumers are conducting financial transactions online and may become vulnerable to tracking, hacking, identity theft, phishing scams, and other cyberspace risks. While nothing can guarantee complete safety on the…..

Resources for Women-Owned Small Businesses

Small businesses face many problems related to their size, capital, and capability, and for women-owned small businesses, the challenge is sometimes even greater. The good news is there are many…..

Save Money with a Capsule Wardrobe

“I have nothing to wear,” said the person who has an overflowing closet of clothes. “It’s on sale,” said the person who only buys from fast-fashion brands. If these phrases…..

3 Financial Planning Steps

Organization, efficiency and discipline can be considered as three primary steps of financial planning. Organization is knowing where your money comes and goes. An efficient portfolio means working towards a…..

A Growing Trend: Women Entrepreneurs

The business landscape is continually changing—technological advances, corporate downsizing, restructuring, and telecommuting have reshaped the marketplace.­ Although these improvements and modifications have a great impact on our working environment, perhaps…..

American Business Women’s Day

September 22nd is American Business Women's Day, and it may be the perfect day to celebrate women who have surpassed the glass ceiling and gone on to be leaders and…..

The Advantages & Disadvantages of 401(k) Loans

Sometimes a 401(k) loan makes sense, but there are a lot of considerations Tapping your tax-advantaged retirement savings seems like a desperate financial move (because it is), yet also a…..

Using Trusts to Manage Wealth: What Investors Should Know

Whether you manage a trust for someone else, are the beneficiary of a trust, or are thinking of creating a trust, you probably have some questions about the "best practices" of…..

What Are Women’s Biggest Financial Regrets?

Merrill Lynch recently released the results of a comprehensive survey on women and financial wellness, with some surprising observations.1 The top financial regret for the women surveyed was that they weren't…..

Three Sobering Thoughts Hurting Your Retirement

Stagnant wage growth, rising inflation and low interest rates are real issues The idea of retiring at age 65 with a gold watch and a fully-funded retirement account is a…..

What Can A Financial Professional Do for Non-Profits?

As of 2017, about two-thirds of all nonprofit organizations in the U.S. had annual budgets of less than $1 million.[1] For these non-profit organizations where every penny has a purpose, having…..

Hostage Data: Ransomware and Protecting Your Digital Information

On May 7, 2021, the Colonial Pipeline, which carries almost half of the East Coast's fuel supply from Texas to New Jersey, shut down operations in response to a ransomware…..

Tax Implications of Monthly Child Tax Credit Payments

In July 2021, nearly 40 million U.S. families are set to begin receiving $250 or $300 per month in child tax credit payments through the end of the year.1 But what…..

Are Early Retirement and Pension Buyout Offers a Good Deal for You?

In today’s economy, offers of an early retirement buyout for a current employee or a pension buyout directed at a former employee are becoming common as companies look for ways…..

Biden Policies to Impact Stock Markets – Part III

The American Families Plan and what it might mean for investors   Will the policies of the Biden Administration have a negative or positive impact on the stock market? A…..

Biden Policies to Impact Stock Markets – Part II

The American Rescue Plan Act and what it might mean for investors Will the policies of the Biden Administration have a negative or positive impact on the stock market? A…..

Biden Policies to Impact Stock Markets – Part I

While presidential policies matter, policies never move markets uniformly Will the policies of the Biden Administration have a negative or positive impact on the stock market? A prevailing view –…..

Social Justice and Impact Investing- Doing Good for Others

Social Justice investing is commonly linked to Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), which is investing to do good for others. Now, as COVID-19 continues to shape our societal values, clients are…..

Your Retirement Portfolio: Five Things to Consider Before Market Turbulence

It is human nature to seek advice when things aren't going well or when an unforeseen event occurs. Often, people seek financial advice from a professional only when the stock…..

Retirement Plans and Estate Planning

When you die, what will happen to your retirement plan benefits? In general, your retirement plan benefits pass to the beneficiaries you designate on the plan beneficiary designation form. Your…..

Women & Retirement: Modern Day Challenges

Women can experience more challenges saving for retirement than men, and unfortunately, COVID-19 has added even more challenges. According to Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies report Women and Retirement: Risks…..

Women and Retirement: Closing the Gender Pay & Retirement Savings Gap

Today’s women are more educated and have more significant job opportunities compared to previous generations. Despite more women in the workforce than ever before, women still experience considerable pay disparity…..

What It’s Like To Send a Child to College

Sending a child to college for the first time can be a stressful transition for any parent. Even though your child is legally an adult (or almost an adult) by…..

Estate Planning Checklist

Because you've worked hard to create a secure and comfortable lifestyle for your family and loved ones, you'll want to ensure that you have a sound financial plan that includes…..

Proper Financial Planning: Critical for Women

A key goal of investing for retirement is making sure you save enough to make your money last throughout your lifetime. On this score, women may need to save more…..

How to Strike a Work-Life Balance: Tips for Teachers in Stressful Times

Teachers don't just punch a time clock and log hours at their jobs. Instead, they invest a lot of time and make a significant emotional commitment to shaping the lives…..

Everything You Need to Know About Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day is dedicated to symbolizing and raising awareness of the gender pay gap in most countries throughout the world.[1] The first year of observation was 1996 and was…..

What Should Women Entrepreneurs Know About Small Business Grants?

One of the biggest challenges for any new business involves maintaining liquidity and consistent cash flow. Many entrepreneurs take only a minimal salary—if any at all—during the first few years…..

Retirement Planning for Teachers and Public School Workers

The ability to enjoy a secure retirement is an objective that many teachers and their colleagues pursue years before they leave their jobs. Many public school workers, in different positions,…..

What Should Women Entrepreneurs Do to Thrive in the COVID Era?

What Should Women Entrepreneurs Do to Thrive in the COVID Era?   With COVID rocking the employment landscape for job-seekers, some women have taken this opportunity to reinvent themselves and…..

Your Estate Planning Checklist To Protect Your Loved Ones

By Pamela Zedick, CFP® Did you know that estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy? Estate planning is important for anyone with assets, including checking and savings accounts, real estate…..

Why I Became A Financial Advisor

By Pamela Zedick, CFP® Like most things in life, my path to becoming a financial advisor had plenty of twists and turns. I knew I wanted a career in finance…..

What’s Your Long-Term Care Plan?

Pamela Zedick, CFP® There are a lot of things you don’t want to gamble with in life, like your retirement savings, your income, or your health. Unfortunately, many Americans take…..